Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

It is funny how you rarely know the exact moment when something begins, but we always know when something has ended. Reflecting on life we have already experienced always brings nostalgia and possibly regret, wishing it had played out differently. It's predictable. How safe it is to examine what's already happened instead of dreaming about the future.

I choose not to regret. I try to banish worry from my life. Both acts are complete head games and a waste of time. For me, reflection on the past is a way to understand how to break a cycle, learn a lesson, relive an amazing feeling, and especially to feel gratitude for the continually incredible life that I lead.

Tonight is one of those markers in time. The end, the beginning, and a significant celebration so pronounced it is easy to recall our activities on the same date in years past. Happy New Year! May your reflection be enlightening, your dreams for 2014 be inspiring, and your evening be full of laughs (and maybe bubbles)!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Tis the Season

First let me thank all of my friends, family, and patrons for making this a great holiday season. I appreciate your support immensely, in all ways.
And if I have not sent you a proper thank you note, please accept my apologies. If you have not heard, I had a mishap that has sent me back for the next few months making it nearly impossible to do anything that involves my right hand...including writing.
Looking on the bright side, I am thankful for my three working limbs and my friends for making this as painless as possible. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Trunk Show at Rē - December 12 & 13

Heidi Brueggeman (jewelry), Fjall (cashmere), and Ellen Rohlfing (art)
...and of course all of the gorgeous pieces on hand at Re!
Thursday & Friday, December 12 & 13
11 am - 6 pm

Working away for this week's Trunk Show Event at Re in North Kingstown
The Fjall knitwear is actually INSANE cashmere in uber hip silhouettes.  Seriously the most gorgeous collection of sweaters I have ever coveted. 
And my friend Ellen Rohlfing, a Philadelphia transplanted to Newport last year who is a wonderful and whimsical artist.  She will be featuring her super cute whale and crab collage art for the event.  Perfect gifts at a great price point! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Trunk Show Countdown

Heidi Brueggeman (formerly of Sugar) Trunk Show
Tuesday, Dec. 3rd
5:00 - 7:30
Located at the North Sails Sales Office on the 4th Floor at the IRYS Campus on Thames Street in Newport
Refreshments and BIG discounts!

Necklaces waiting for new homes...
Only a few days left before the event... If you know me at all you know I will be working up until the very end and spazzing out just a hair about this or that.  Although I must say my eyes will not let me work 12+ hours in a row like I did years ago.  Should I not admit that in a public forum?  I am too tired to edit! 

Vintage Eisenberg Jewelry

...currently in the office working on a Sunday morning for my Trunk Show this Tuesday night in Newport (see previous post for details or email me heidibrueggeman@gmail.com).  At this very moment I am assembling pieces of vintage salesman's samples from Eisenberg that are over 70 years old.  The special thing about these pieces is that they were never made into jewelry and they are one of a kind.  They have bright sometimes asymmetrical colors and the metal patina is perfect! 

Vintage salesman's samples from Eisenberg ranging from the 1930-50s made into necklaces and earrings using vintage chain or silk.  Prices range from $70-400.