Friday, September 5, 2014

Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Spring 2015

Dear Derek, 
Thank you for keeping it cool. Pleats and folds and well placed buckles enhanced only by the color (olive!) of leather you have chosen. 
Designing clothing acceptable and acclaimed from Downtown to the cobble streets of Memorial Day Weekend Nantucket is a feat! Congrats! 
All the best, 

Bonjour MB Fashion Week - Band of Outsiders

In the throes of my busiest season of the year...I cannot ignore the happenings online just a few hundred miles from my locale. Cheers and Happy Fashion Week! 

Up first for my commentary is Band of Outsiders. I love a little variation on the classics, and what stands out the most in my memory before I even post the images of my favorite looks, is the reworking of a striped dress and a mini-toile that would make a Provençal swoon. Bravo. So far Spring 2015 looks pretty...pretty.