Sunday, January 19, 2014

Grey Gray

Before I even start writing this post I had to officially look up whether or not I was using the correct spelling of this shade... It turns out my bipolar spelling of gray is right no matter which vowel I choose to insert (a or e).

Quick research revealed the "grey" (with an e) is proper in England and its current and former colonies exercising their versions of The Queen's English. America spells it "gray". The little ditty where I got this from recommended we remember "gray" in America, using the "A" as the common denominator. Since there are no American English teachers gazing over my iPad with a proverbial red pen, I will continue on using the e and a as I wish!

I love gray. It's not a sad or depressing color to me. It actually sacrifices itself as a incredible background for other colors to really do their thing. Have you ever noticed how colors pop so brightly on a gray day? It is not that I need a color to help me appreciate the values of gray in my wardrobe and lifestyle. I am happy with a head to toe gray look, and an entire room swathed in the cozy color. That said, a foggy, dark, gray day doesn't bring me down (it happens to be other variables that I allow to bring me down, not the fog).

Enjoy the images...brought to you by Gray January Days.

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